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Florence Charterhouse Tuscany
The Florence Charterhouse, the ex-monastery of the Carthusian Order, is erected on Mount Acuto where the Ema and Greve meet in the Galluzzo zone, surrounded by a circular wall.
It was originally built in 1341 by Niccolò Acciaiuoli and was subsequently extended and further developed over the course of the centuries.
The first structure which can be seen as you arrive from the road is the crenelated Palazzo Acciaiuoli, or Palazzo degli Studi, erected by Jacopo Passavanti and Jacopo Talenti for the private accommodation of Niccolò Acciaiuoli.

The Charterhouse hosts an important art gallery, a large hall with timber roof trusses housing the five frescoes with Scene della Passione (Scenes of Passion) from the main cloister, created by Pontormo during his stay at the Charterhouse to escape the pest epidemic which had invaded Florence.
The depicted scenes are derived from xylographs of similar subject matter by Albrecht Dürer.

The Charterhouse also includes the Church of San Lorenzo, 14th century architecture with a beautiful facade in Pietra Serena, and the Oratorio of Santa Maria Nuova dating back to the early 15th century.
Following is the Crypt, the "Corridoio del Colloquio" (Corridor of Conversation), the "Chiostrino dei Monaci" (Monk's Cloister) and the "Chiostrino dei Fratelli Conversi" (Lay Brothers' Cloister), the "Chiostro Grande" (Main Cloister) and the "Sala del Capitolo" (Chapter Hall) with the funeral monument of Don Leonardo Buonafede created by Francesco da Sangallo.